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Our Education services help Universities from all over the world to come to Africa, and helps higher institutions of learning from the region to expand to new geographies and new partnerships.

Our platform covers multiple Education business stages from market entry consultation and presence establishment to business development, opportunity matchmaking, in addition to ongoing operational and logistical support to customer acquisition (Student recruitment and partnerships) as well as University Fair…


Study Abroad

We’re one of the world’s fastest growing education agencies, guiding your every step in international education.

Trusting an education agency with your future can be hard. We have been there, we know and hence AECO Ltd…

Edu. Biz. Dev.

No one masters the education industry like we do. Operating in this industry for years we know exactly what you need, who you need, and where you can find it. Our strategies are tailored to assist you in terms of branding, with focus on customer acquisition…

Internship Placement

With years of experience and expertise in the education and career industry, we have come to realize the education-to-employment market works against most job seekers and employers. Too many inadequately skilled graduates are funneled towards the few large graduate employers…

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internships programs

We currently offer  the following internship programs 

Internship Placement

We offer academic and professional internship placement opportunities for students and grads across various industries and professions lasting for 3 to 6 months. Hit the apply button and begin your journey towards career success.

Gap Year Experience

Cease the opportunity & gain practical experience to blend with classroom knowledge after graduation in a structure company by enrolling in our gap year experience placement program & increase you employability opportunities.

Summer Acceleration Programs

Join our 8 weeks summer acceleration program and gain practical experience in a company and also develop 21st century Q skills needed for career success in the fast changing 21st century work place during the program Masterclasses and activities.

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Texila American University

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Prof. Foreign Studies


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