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Education Partnerships

With years of experience in the international education industry, we know every important stakeholder you can network and partner with, locally and internationally. Knowing who to partner with and when has never been simple, and it has also never been more necessary. We facilitate this tedious process for you and ensure your partnership benefits you directly. AECO LIMITED connects you with these institutions to create long-lasting and sustainable agreements, with universities and education organizations of high standards, which will benefit your institutions and students, accelerate your growth and enhance your brand. A university partnership is a win-win for you and the institution you’re partnering with. The deeply embedded nature of our partnerships will enable your institution achieve its wildest dreams. 

Nature & Benefits of the partnership


You will have an insight into how an accredited university runs its academic and admission programs, marketing strategies, and get guidance on possible strategies that will make you have a name in the industry. Your institution will also get feedback on its current strategies from these mentor universities. How do you find and contact them? Don’t worry about that, that’s why we are here. We have built relationships with universities from countries like Germany, Russia, Spain, USA, Malaysia, UK, Canada, Denmark, Poland, etc, so we know who is of standards to mentor and help you grow.

Degree Awards

Give your students the opportunity to earn a prestigious foreign degree from a top American, UK, European or Asian University. This will not only add credibility for your university but it will serve as sales point, value creation awhile opening your students and grads to vast international opportunity with their international degrees.

Student mobility programs

Partnering with a domestic or foreign university will enable your students to travel to the partnered university and vice versa. They will learn in a different environment, develop an open mind and experience different teaching methods and techniques. It will also enable your institution understand the culture of other nations/universities, how they think, and facilitate their marketing success. This cross-cultural university partnership will equally promote the exchange of academic ideas and research opportunities.


We master the accreditation process and business. Credibility is at the center of your success, hence having the right accreditation and recognition will go along way to enhance your branding, sales and overall value creation and attraction. Connect with us today and let us sign you up with accreditation bodies that matter. We also work with corporate entities to enable you get the right accreditation and recognition in your industry or space.



Are you seeking to expand your market worldwide and get customers from the most unexpected places? Then you are definitely in the right place. Contact us and we create a market for you within and beyond Africa. AECO has trained business development managers with the duty to establish a market and recruit students for you, the students you need…

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