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Breaking The Ice To Career Success

With years of experience and expertise in the education and career industry, we have come to realize the education-to-employment market works against most job seekers and employers. Too many inadequately skilled graduates are funneled towards the few large graduate employers.

To this effect, AECO Education Services is providing a series of carefully structured programs to add tangible value to traditional education.

We provide students with the opportunity to build relevant job skills in reputable and thriving companies and provide companies with qualified and creative interns who will contribute to the development of their company with new perspectives.


Our programs equip young students and graduates with the opportunity to find their purpose, acquire 21st century skills relevant for the job market, gain valuable hands-on experience and get into the value-chain by transforming what they know into marketable packages. Our programs transform you into informed and empowered professionals. They include: Internship placements, Gap year experience, and Summer Acceleration Program.


At AECO Education Services, we have a recruitment and placement process optimized with years of working with different companies and universities. We have built a strong partnership with every education and career stakeholder in and out of Africa. We understand the need for students to get internship positions and the growing need for interns in various companies.  We take care of placing students in top companies and getting the most fit, qualified and productive interns for these companies. As intermediaries, we facilitate the stressful internship placement process for both parties.

Are you a company looking for qualified and productive interns?

This is why you should talk to us:

You are guaranteed the best and most hard-working students handpicked from top universities in and out of Africa. We want your company to excel by getting for you the most creative young students who will add value to your company. These highly motivated, critical thinking, communicative, collaborative and hungry-for-experience interns will contribute immensely to the development of your company with new perspectives and ideas. Let us help you get them!

We have a strong partnership with top universities. Over the years, we have built a strong relationship with the most renowned universities in and out of Africa. These universities are known for their great academic programs, curriculums, teaching personnel and highly innovative set of students and alumni. As a result, the pool of selection is narrowed and we are getting the best out of the best.

We are specialists in our domain. AECO has years of experience in planning and implementing internship placement and recruitment programs. Consequently, we know the common mistakes companies make in recruiting the right interns, and avoid them.

We know how difficult and expensive talent acquisition is. By contracting your interns’ recruitment to AECO, we will save you time as well as the cost involved in recruiting interns.

Your company gets extra branding, free of charge in various universities in and out of Africa thanks to our internship opportunities announcement. You are literally expanding your market just by getting to us. How’s that?

Our solution does not only end at sourcing the interns and placing them. We prepare the interns before sending them to you to enable them settle in easily into you organization and work culture. We help you in managing these interns while they are with you to ensure that you are able to get the best out of them.

Are you a student looking for an internship?

Here’s why you should contact us

We hold your hand from the beginning to the end of your internship period. We cultivate work ethics and corporate work behavior in you. We are here to ensure that you get the most relevant work and growth experience that will contribute to your career success.

We understand that the internship periods are most often very short. In most cases students realized that their internship period is over before the even got settled in the organization, as such an easy settlement into an organization is very vital for you to maximize your internship. With us you will have no concerns and from day one you will be at home in your internship organization. Our team of experienced coaches and will prepare you adequately to enable you have a smooth settling inn for your internship in your organization.

AECO is here to ensure that you reap out the best from your internship; we will be with you during your internship managing your internship for you to ensure the learning outcomes with our smart internship management tool.

We make sure we understand your career choice/path and ensure that we place you in a company that’s best fit for you, according to your career choice, and one in which you will quickly integrate.

 We have a strong partnership with these companies. We make sure that you are placed in a reputable, high-class and thriving company. Not just any company, but one that is well renowned and where you will get the most valuable and relevant work experience.

Kindly fill in the application form here and we will revert shortly or email us at


Career hazards are very rampant amongst young people these days. People graduate from college and don’t know what next to do or what’s really meant for them. They either end up choosing the wrong career, take forever to find their purpose or just never find it at all, ending up frustrated. You just graduated from college and you confused about what to do next? Do you need time to figure yourself out and make the right choice about your career path? A gap year experience can help you discover your purpose. We help you realize what’s best for you. Our aim is to bridge the gap between education and employment and nurse a generation of productive youths using their full potential to create impact.

 Why you should go on gap year

 While on a gap year, you will have the opportunity to have a taste of real life by working in a corporate environment. You will deepen your practical and professional awareness.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. The gap year experience is here to make you avoid choosing the wrong career and see that which you love and are good at, so you give in your full potential.

you will learn the skills you didn’t have the opportunity to learn in your college classroom. These skills are extremely relevant in the challenging 21st century job market. You will learn how to be creative, how to communicate effectively with co-workers, time management etc and there’s no better place to learn it than on-the-job. After your gap year experience, you will be fully equipped to enter the job market.


The Summer Acceleration Program is an eight week internship program with focus on career acceleration and activities geared towards enhancing soft skills and behaviors employers actually need. Our eight week summer programs are filled intensive and immersive activities to transform you into a millennial that’s well equipped for the job market.

During this 8 weeks, students will get valuable experience from one of our partner companies and gain competencies in their chosen domain. This will be coupled with our Summer school aimed at enhancing soft skills or 21st century skills relevant for the job market. Our summer school classes will run from July to August and will be in the form of master-classes, seminars, workshops, excursions from well trained professionals.

Here’s how it works

Kindly fill in the application form by clicking here and our team will get back to you. It is important to apply early so we have the time to review your application and get you into the most suitable company before the summer begins.

After a successful pre-selection and interview, you will get your acceptance letter by email together with a letter from your host company. Each company has its policies, so it’s important for you to be prepared for another interview with your host company before a final decision is made.

After the pre-selection process, you will be notified on your interview date where you will have a one-on-one session with our professional career coaches.


If you’re a parent worried about your child enrolling in one of our internship programs, here are some reasons why you should consider this.

Even upon graduation, many youngsters still do not know what they want to do with their lives because they lack focus and direction. They haven’t identified what their purpose is, and they often end up making the wrong choices. Our programs are carefully designed to help them identify what their skills are with the help of our professional career coaches, and equally help them transform their skills and knowledge into competencies.

Our interns are exposed to a network of creative business people and peers from top universities, and this can only be good for them. The life experience builds in resilience skills, confidence and growth in them. A matured mindset is equally enhanced. 


Are you ready to accelerate your career? Enroll in one of our programs now? Kindly fill in the application form below


PS: The Summer Acceleration program is available only in Yaounde and Douala.

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